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First ever digital Tabla-Tanpura by Radel


• Stunning real sound of tabla
• 15 commonly used thekas
• 4-string Tanpura with superb real sound



Digital Indian Musical instruments

We are pioneers in the field of electronic indian musical instruments.
Our products therefore cater to the very precise & artistic needs of a musician.


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Our Happy Customers

  • I received my Radel Veena which traveled all the way from Bengaluru to Dallas , Texas. There are absolutely no damages to it as the packaging was done really well. I was easily able to assemble the Veena too. The guide book as well on YouTube videos are really helpful. It's very nice to have an option of transporting such a valuable instrument so easily without any hassles. Also the the Veena itself is gorgeous.
  • I have used the Radel digi 60 tabla for many years now. It has been a tremendous help for my practice.
    Simrankaur Khalsa
  • Amazing Ranjani+5 tanpura! Thanks Radel!
    Ravi Patadia
  • My wife bought a Milan Radel while traveling in India and I am enjoying it immensely.
    Joe McGinty