Avail the chance to WIN the "Radel Sunadavinodini Electronic Veena" by participating in the "Radel VEENA COMPETITION 2017" !!!

Radel Veena Competition 2017

Radel announces a unique Carnatic veena competition especially for students/amateurs performing on the Radel Sunadavinodini Electronic Veena.

We invite all amateurs and students of veena to participate and veena teachers to send their students to participate in this competition and avail the chance to win the Radel Veenapani Award:
A Radel Sunadavinodini Electronic Veena!


The competition will be held in two stages.

Preliminary stage:

Step 1: Record a 5-minute video of the participant performing on the Sunadavinodini Electronic Veena. The video should consist of one kriti with a brief raga alapana and a couple of avarthanams of kalpana swara.

Step 2: Send the video recording to Radel via any of the following methods:
1. Via WhatsApp messenger to +919342420720 /+919342420730, OR
2. Upload the video file to a cloud storage (e.g. Google drive). Send the link to info@radel.in, OR
3. Record the video on a CD/pendrive. Send by post/courier/ hand deliver to either of our branch offices at Chennai or Bangalore (contact details provided below).
You have a chance of your video being published on YouTube! Selected videos will be uploaded to YouTube and posted on Facebook.

Step 3:
Download the “Application Form” on clicking the button below, fill, sign and send it to either of our branch offices at Chennai or Bangalore. Participants located abroad: download the form, fill, sign and scan the completed form and email it to us.
Last date to receive applications: April 30, 2017

Selection for Final Competition:

The top fifteen contestants as assessed by our judges will be called for the final competition.

Venue: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Mini Hall, East Mada Street, Mylapore, Chennai.

Intimation of selection for the final competition will be communicated by May 20, 2017

Date of Final Competition: Sunday, July 23rd, 2017, 10 am

The participants selected for the final competition will have to provide a list of 5 kritis to the organisers. Each participant will be given 20 minutes time. They have to perform two kritis, one of their choice and the other as selected by the judges. Raga alapana and swara kalpana is mandatory for the judges’ choice item, while it is optional for the participant to play raga alapana and swara kalpana for the item of their choice.


The Radel Veenapani Award (First prize) is a Radel Sunadavinodini Electronic Veena.
• The Second prize is a handsome cash award.
• First and Second prizes will be awarded on the same day, after the competition.
• Certificates will be given to all participants selected for the final competition.
• All gurus of the participants in the final competition will be felicitated and honoured.



Rules, terms and conditions:

1. All persons who are Non-Professionals are eligible.
2. The Last date for receipt of application and 5-minute video is April 30, 2017.
3. Participants selected for the final competition shall attend the competition at their own expense.
4. Competitors shall be present at the venue half an hour before the appointed time for the final competition.
5. Competitors should use only the Sunadavinodini Electronic Veena. No additional sruti or percussion accompaniment will be provided or permitted.
6. Talam support will be provided in the form of a Radel Talometer for those who so wish. Talam support will be provided manually on the hand, for others.
7. Graded artists of AIR and DD are not eligible for participation.
8. In all matters, the decision of the Judges shall be final. Radel reserves the right to withhold the award of any of the prizes, if the judges so recommend.
9. The winners of the first prize in a previous year will not be eligible to apply for the competition subsequently.

Contact Details:

Radel Electronics Pvt Ltd
Cell: +919342420720 /+919342420730
Email: info@radel.in
Chennai: 203, 2nd floor, Challa Mall, Tyagaraya Rd, T Nagar, Chennai 600017
Tel: 91-44-24337485 (Mon – Sat:10 am – 6 pm)
Bangalore: No. 217, 8F Main Road, Jayanagar III Block, Bangalore 560011
Tel: 91-80-26647991 (Mon – Sat: 10 am – 8 pm)